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Tian Yuan Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd held 2012 annual summary meeting and 2013 swearing-in ceremony

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On Feb 26th, 2013, we’re having 2012 annual summary meeting and 2013 swearing-in ceremony.

First of all, manager Wang Junhai addressed the meeting. In his speech, manager Wang fully affirmed our working, encouraged us to work together and got to a new height at the coming 2013. Vice- general manager Guo Shune made a complete summary of the annual sales market, and gave out a detailed plan of 2013 and a proposed program to make a new height in sales. Sales manager fully analyzed the advantages and disadvantages and made a new embodiment for sales. After that, Department manager and finance manager, front desk supervisor and laboratory director all gave the annual report, and made the new policy and new service goals for 2013.

Add:No.34 Changsheng Street,Shijiazhuang city,China
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